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TessaThe death of a pet animal which has been part of your life, often for many years, is devastating and life changing. It can take a long time to come to terms with the bereavement. Some people are helped in this process by writing about their memories of and feelings for their very special friend, and by the comforting thought that they are not alone in experiencing intense feelings of loss.    
Pets in Memoriam web site offers an empathic approach to people who have suffered a pet bereavement and wish to acknowledge their feelings of grief by writing a tribute to their pet. Your written tribute and a photo can be posted into a Pets' Book of Remembrance for a year, on receipt of a subscription. 

Writing and posting a tribute to your pet will mean that you belong to a community of like minded people who find comfort in sharing their thoughts about their pet. On this site you can mark your pet animal's passing and celebrate its life in a Book of Remembrance. You can also find out about sources of information and support in pet bereavement to help you to find a way of coping and moving on, whilst acknowledging that you may be experiencing varied and intense feelings and emotions.

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