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Maxwellsmart's story

Maxwellsmart's story
This story has been written by Maxwellsmart's first human mum in loving memory of a very special cat.
In very loving memory of our Dear Sweet Cat Maxwellsmart who passed away May 3rd 2012

We all cried all day.

We sorry that our dear cat Maxwellsmart had to go through a lot in his last weeks of life. The vets all said he’s a tough cat since he was fighting off a lot of viruses, he was so brave and strong he kept holding on to life even when his body was shutting down for his love of life home and us right up to the end Maxwellsmart's spirit kept glowing through his sweet kind face and eyes.

We thank God that we were all able to see Maxwellsmart that last night of his life at the vets hospital. He waited for us and was so happy to see us all, to spend time with our dear cat Maxwellsmart we will always be grateful what a very special gift he is to us. We knew Max was always brave and strong very admirable, and still thankful that Maxwellsmart lived to be 14 and a half. I knew God had answered our prayers for Max to wait for us.

 When 2nd human mum sat down and said hello Max he turned right to her reached out his arms and blinked with pure love and glow he blinked at me and my brother as well his ears moved when he heard my brother come in, and then he saw my brother's face mine and of course 2nd human mum's face, he could hear us talking to him and he tried to meow and purr and he kept looking at us all Max was so happy to know that mum was alright. I showed Maxwellsmart his little brother Milo and sister Lily and I said their names and Maxwellsmart looked to them and winked. Maxwellsmart  knew he was dying.

Maxwellsmart chose us. I was watching TV in early 1998 and I kept hearing this cat crying outside the window when I went to look at it I saw it was a little ginger kitten so I fed him some food and then he introduced Milo and his little sister Lily to us, he had left them some food too. They were born under our house basement; the cat mother must have left them there after she looked after them and they were old enough to look after themselves. That's when she left.

We thank God for such a very wonderful feline named Maxwellsmart , we are all proud that we had such a brave, strong, gentle, sweet kind natured cat with a very beautiful spirit . Thank for teaching us so much about cats and that we can have a special bond with them as we had a special bond with you. Max we remember your sweet, kind face , energy , purr, voice, loving affection, graceful movements, your trusting loyal and patient nature, always waiting your turn to be fed, your clever, unique liking for all creatures, other cats, watching dogs walk past our house, a special liking toward Spot, Noel’s and Richie’s dog, your liking for people, interest in hedgehogs. When you were a kitten you sniffed one on the nose and it sniffed back "cute" in our garden , how your eyes and face lit up with interest when the thunder and lightning streamed across the sky, when you sat on the sofa by the window sill watching it all display in the sky, also your fascination fireworks, xmas decorations specially the Christmas bells, your love for cheese and when we'd get it out of the fridge, your eyes would increase and you'd purr waiting for us give you some, your most favourite treat.

How you love to sleep by the heater and fire all the time and would wait for 2nd human Mum to light it and then you'd lie there for hours on end. We remember Maxwellsmart  walking backward outside the big sitting room window to get into the house as we have a huge window in the sitting room and 2 smaller ones on each side and if the front one is closed then Max would look and then start walking backwards on the long window sill outside to get into the house via sitting room, he did this many times if the front part of the window was closed When I'd lie down on my bed Max would come and massage my back walking on it:)  You did that to all the family.  We miss his big cuddles and his affectionate rubs.

I remember when I was very ill you dear Maxwellsmart laid by me on my bed by my side all through the night and when they took me to Christchurch Public Hospital, many hours later mum and my brother got back and you were waiting for them in the driveway  as you seemed to know, I was in safe hands and you seemed to know what time my mum and brother were coming home.

Recently when 2nd human mum went into hospital, Max you were worried for her and you first went to the vets in April and she went to hospital about that time when you came back home dear Max you were looking for 2nd human mum. You went to her sofa then you were looking for her in her room wondering where she was.

 I told you she's in good care at the Christchurch Public Hospital.

We were all watching "Get Smart" the Classic TV Series and wondering what  we should call the ginger tabby kitten. He was watching the TV programme with us though at that time he didn't have a name so we said Maxwellsmart is perfect and he liked his name. Little did we know how Smart he was going to turn out to be. A Classic Name on a Classic Cat, God Bless your very kind beautiful spirit Maxwellsmart and many thanks for your PURE LOVE AND KINDNESS.

With lots of love always from your 1st human mum Marina, 2nd human mum Mocca, 1st human dad Daniel and little brother Milo and sister Lily xxxxx Christchurch, New Zealand


Copyright picture and wording by Marina. Page put together by Eugene and sent in by Marina Nemeth Maxwellsmart’s 1st human mum.


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